Axial Seamount Earthquake Catalog

by William Wilcock

and Maochuan Zhang

This simple web site provides access to a near-real time catalog of earthquake detections and HYPOINVERSE locations for the Ocean Observatories Initiative cabled observatory at Axial Seamount. The catalog is updated hourly and efforts are made to backfill locations from intervals when the high-sample-rate data are diverted by the Navy but later released. NOTE: There are some inconsistencies in the seismic moments which I am working to resolve (Already fixed!).

Catalog last updated at 18-Apr-2024 17:03:25 UTC (18-Apr-2024 10:03:25 Seattle) with locations up to 18-Apr-2024 17:00:00 UTC

Status of 200 Hz waveform data - Streaming

Support for this work comes from the National Science Foundation.

This catalog should be cited as: Wilcock, W. S. D., M. Tolstoy, F. Waldhauser, C. Garcia, Y. J. Tan, D. R. Bohnenstiehl, J. Caplan-Auerbach, R. P. Dziak, A. Arnulf, & M. E. Mann (2016). Seismic constraints on caldera dynamics from the 2015 Axial Seamount eruption, Science, 354, 1395-1399. and

Wilcock, W. S. D., F. Waldhauser, & M. Tolstoy (2017). Catalogs of earthquake recorded on Axial Seamount from January, 2015 through November, 2015 (investigators William Wilcock, Maya Tolstoy, Felix Waldhauser). Interdisciplinary Earth Data Alliance.


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Histograms of Recent Activity
Histograms of 2015 Eruption
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Maps of Recent Activity

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Histograms of Recent Activity

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Histograms of 2015 Eruption

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Histograms of Full Catalog

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Daily Catalogs and Maps

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Daily HYPO71 files hypo71.html

Daily ph2dt input files ph2dt.html

Full Catalog (Big Files)

HYPO71 style catalog - hypo71.dat

Arrival time data in form of input catalog for ph2dt algorithm of HYPODD - ph2dtInputCatalog.dat